Underfloor Heating - The Benefits

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Underfloor Heating - The Benefits

Unobtrusive and easy to maintain, professionally installed underfloor heating systems does away with radiators and pipe-work, freeing up space and generating even amounts of easily-controlled warmth throughout the room.

Research shows that underfloor heating is cleaner, healthier and more energy efficient when compared to standard heating methods.

Even if constraints of cost or installation are a factor, some underfloor heating systems can be designed to integrate with your existing central heating to provide all the benefits and cost savings.

Underfloor heating creates a comfortable, radiant heat which makes it ideal for being used in conjunction with high efficiency heating systems such as heat pumps.

More info at Beama.org.uk and Ecohomes.uk  

Energy Savings...

With energy savings of up to 20% when compared to normal radiators, more homes, self-builds, offices and businesses are moving to underfloor heating. And with fuel prices expected to rise considerably, investment in sustainable technologies could mean worthwhile savings on energy bills, and serious reductions in your family's carbon foot print.